Friday, October 21, 2005

SUshi Shit

i had real sushi the other day. really nice spot, they had booths with the really low tables that you sit with your legs crossed, and the paper thin walls. tres chic

but it gave me the shits.

i had a shittake sushi piece, a small salad, rice, chicken teriyaki, and some veggie sushi, and a piece of veggie roll.

then i had a huge Mr. Big bar.

i was being a bit piggish!

then i had a pooop. like MASSIVE chunkage.
it felt like the devil was coming out of my bum, and i swear, i lost about 5 lbs.
maybe it was the bar, but i'm pretty sure it was the shittake.

shittake shit.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Don't worry Rumpty Dumpty, I haven't forgotten about the poops. Actually I have been havin' lots of poops! I swear my apartment makes me need to poop everytime I step in the door. Like even if i pooped right before, the second I walk in there: POOP. NOW. Strange I say it is. Speaking of poops though, Sir Poops Alot is actually pooping as I type. And it's been his 3rd time in about 15 minutes. I think he has the runs. Probably the liquor/BK treatment from last night. I hope he survives and keeps everything in tact.

This Betty Poop signing off and awaiting my next bowel movement.