Tuesday, July 04, 2006

For most of you readers from the east coast, you may not recognize this jar above, other than the fact that its salsa. It is the most popular brand out here for chips of all kinds and salsa (among other things). I bought some of this fine salsa tonight, since it's the only brand the little groceria a block away from me carries. And i was DESPERATE for salsa. well, not really, but i had a bad craving

I had some as a snack with my wheat thins before my real meal of stirfried pork and veggies. Immediately after i had my salsa snack and my pork dinner, i had to poop SO BAD. cramps. urgent. BURNING RING OF FIRE. it hurt to close my cheeks! don't even ask about wiping...YEOWZA!

anyway, i assumed it was the pork, because well...pork isn't something i eat very often, whereas i have salsa more often than not (usually tostitos brand though). so later on while watching the simpsons, i had some more salsa and wheat thins.....and that brought on the poop of fire again.

SO, inconclusion, i get Salsa Shits. but only the Old Dutch kind. odd. Odd inDeed. How different can salsas be, right? I always get medium or HOT flavour, and this is the first time that i can recall having to make a mad dash for the john. Maybe i never noticed it before, and it happens every time i eat salsa. Because you know what, that would make eating nachos a lot more painful than it should be.

I was thinking of taking Salsa dance lessons, but on second though....it'd just be a dance to the loo!